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20 January 2008 ~ 1 Comment

One Weird Little Bird!

We recently adopted a new little bird from our local Freecycle here in Guelph. She was in need of a new home, and given that we have “experience” with budgies, my heart spoke to me and said “you must adopt this little bird!” She came to us with the name “Fluffers” and although it is […]

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03 January 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Happy New Year!

Okay, okay so I am a few days late posting this wish to all of you, but as I always say “better late than never!” I guess that 2008 is off to a busy start…surprise, surprise! I want to start by wishing all of you a year full of love, blessings and happiness, and great […]

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01 January 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Grilled Orange-Ginger Tilapia with Lime-Coriander Sauce

I picked up a recipe card from our local grocers fish department, and made the following recipe.  It was so tasty, very impressive and also very healthy.  I thought it to be much like something you would get at a fancy restaurant, yet it was just as simple as can be to make at home. […]

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