We recently adopted a new little bird from our local Freecycle here in Guelph. She was in need of a new home, and given that we have “experience” with budgies, my heart spoke to me and said “you must adopt this little bird!” She came to us with the name “Fluffers” and although it is a *cute* name, I have since changed it to Skye, as she is the most beautiful shade of blue mixed with white (the clouds) What a little beauty.

I will say though, that she is one odd duck, or Budgie rather. She has some strange habits, and I am not certain if these are her so-called tricks, performed for our benefit, or if she is just playing to amuse herself and pass the time. In any case, her latest spectacle this evening included poking her body in and out between the bars of her ladder, getting stuck mid way through (picture Winnie the Pooh) and making a very annoyed sound…then doing it again immediately following. This pattern was repeated at least six times that I witnessed. I know birds are not overly gifted with intellect, but this game seems rather ridiculous and maybe even a bit painful.

Skye has brought me so much joy in this first week, and I do treasure her very much already. It is amazing the fondness for an animal that seems almost instant. One week in, and she’s stolen my heart. It was this time last year, that our little Kiki passed away, and although Skye does not take her place, she sure has brought back some of the fun and antics I had missed in having two birds. Our resident geriatric bird, Toby, also seems quite taken with the new girl in town. While we have always made an effort to be especially attentive to our guy who will turn 9 this year, Skye has given him something new and interesting to look at!

A house full of animals, kids, plants, and the happiness and mess they all contribute to on a daily basis, but you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.