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Big Decisions….

Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? Circumstances change, we age, and we grow. All of these things have happened in my life, and I’d like to think that they’ve made me into the person I am today, better in some ways and in others, not so much. Nearly eight years into Cat Can Cook I’ve shared, MANY delicious and EASY recipes, ONE successful cookbook, and TONS of cooking tips and advice. I am still just as dedicated to it, but it’s tiring.

On that note, I want to announce that I am retiring The Cat Can Cook Book. It has been a labour of love over the past two and a half years, but it’s time to call it a day. The book will no longer be available. If you have ordered a copy, rest assured it will be on it’s way to you. However, I will no longer be printing the book. In honesty it costs me a lot of money to print the book on demand (my only option for financial reasons) and I make so little on each book. I need to focus my energy on other things including professional food writing, my jewellery company Elanne & Ivy and taking care of my family.

I will continue to maintain the Cat Can Cook web-site and Facebook page, however, the book is now officially out of print.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. I owe all of you so much, especially those who went the extra distance to support me by buying my book over these past couple of years – that’s about One Thousand of you! Thank you!

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  1. Jenn 27 July 2012 at 6:47 pm Permalink

    Way to go Catherine. I know this has been a difficult decision for you, but I applaud you for making the tough choice, the one that’s right for you and your family. And the rest of us have got your back, girl! Xoxo

  2. Catherine Robertson 27 July 2012 at 6:49 pm Permalink

    Thanks Jenn! I’m still here – my book is the only thing that will be gone 🙂 Still a new direction, and I’m sure many changes to come!

  3. Katrina 27 July 2012 at 9:43 pm Permalink

    Have you ever thought about offering digitally in a PDF file? I know a lot of other books are sold that way and realistically while people LOVE a book on their shelves, times are changing and if people can check one of their digital devices to get them through a recipe … it might work out better for you.

    That being said, I LOVE your recipes and ideas. People will still be hot on your trail waiting for the next great recipe you come up with. Best of luck.

  4. Thelma Bacon 11 August 2012 at 10:35 am Permalink

    Hi Catherine

    Last week I was going to order the cook book and problems arose and did not get back to it. Would you have a spare book left that I may order it. I have made your banana muffins which are delicious and I am an avid cookbook person have about 1,000 cook books and would love to add to my collection and I also have a black and white cat and I am a senior.
    I was so disappointed when it will not longer be in print and have tried so many book stores and no luck. I live in Ajax which is about 30 miles east of Toronto and hoping so much that you would have a copy that you could send me. Please let me know, Thank you

  5. Thelma Bacon 11 August 2012 at 10:39 am Permalink

    Hi Catherine

    I was on here last week to order your book but had a problem and did not get back to do the ordering till today and you say no longer in print. I have tried many bookstores no luck and wonder if by any chance you would have a spare copy I may purchase. I love cooking and cookbooks of which have about 1,000 and I have made the banana muffins which are great and was so disappointed when saw was not going to be available. I have a cat and am a senior and was looking forward to many more of your recipes. Is there any chance at all of getting a copy of your book…..I live in AJax,, ON which is about 30 miles east of Toronto. Please let me know if I can get a copy from you.
    Thanks – Thelma

  6. Thelma Bacon 11 August 2012 at 1:50 pm Permalink

    Hi Catherine

    Earlier today I sent you an Email trying to get your “The Cat Can Cookbook”. Just to let you know (I did not give up) I have located it in the list of book stores you had listed in Guelph and am so very happy to finally locate it as from what I have tried is a great book and am sorry to see that you will not be having it printed anymore. So now I can look ahead with many more happy hours of cooking. Thank you


  7. Patricia 12 September 2012 at 7:32 am Permalink

    Just stumbled onto your web site this morning! I have some ripe bananas and was wondering about making muffins. I searched “best ever banana muffins” and found your web site. The recipe looks so easy and I am preparing to make the muffins to have ready for when my grandsons get home from school. In the meantime I have been reading a lot of your other recipes and love everything that I have looked at so far. Just when I am thinking I will buy your cook book I see it is out of print. Thank you for keeping the web site, it is now in my favourites and I will be going to it for recipes continually.

  8. Samantha W 25 November 2012 at 12:30 pm Permalink

    I agree with Katrina above, definitely think about doing a digital copy. You could make way more on it without the printing costs, and I personally would definitely look into getting it on my Kindle!

  9. Catherine Robertson 25 November 2012 at 8:35 pm Permalink

    Actually, it is already in digital – available for Kindle and other e-readers!! It’s on Amazon.com 🙂

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