While agents were showing our house the other night, we went over to the local library. I came across this book that I remember having as a child. I borrowed a copy (for Liam of course!) and have read it and re-read it, enjoying it just as much as I did years ago.
I won’t write up a book review on it, but I do think it is a really cute little story with an important message! Basically, the dragon in the story grows bigger and bigger until finally he is noticed.
In a simplistic way, it reminds me of words of wisdom that I have heard and learned from some of the women in my life. Often, life presents situations that you *need* to see or hear, even if you are not willing to be open to them. At first, they are nudges, and then, they become stronger. If you are not open to them, sometimes you are eventually “broad-sided.”
And while there have been no recent dragon sightings in our home, I am trying to listen to the nudges in my life, opening myself to possibilities and trying to see situations as having many possible positive outcomes despite much uncertainty. I never have been good at having faith that things will work our for the best, but I am learning to trust that this is indeed true.