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Today, I organised my scrapbooking supplies in order to prepare for upcoming workshops and crop nights I plan to attend this spring. While going through copious amounts of stickers, die cuts, pictures and other odd’s and ends, I came across a poem my Mother, Sheila Balls wrote when she first found out that we were expecting Liam. I love this poem (in fact, I had almost memorized it at one point) and reading it still fills my eyes with tears, and my heart with happiness…

Soon To Be

Child unknown but precious still
‘Neath your mother’s heart lie sleeping.
Til your birth unfolds, I will
Ask for Spirit’s gentle keeping.

Can you see us in the future
Walking through the field above?
Waters where we watched for minnows,
Listened to the morning dove?

Sun-warmed grasses sway around us,
Daisies in your little hand.
Rustling of the leaves surround us
Summer world at your command.

Looked-for child, we long to meet you,
Dream the future, talk the past.
When the ones you’ve chosen greet you,
Hold you in our arms at last.