Willow: April 2009 – July 2009

A beautiful little life, ended way too soon. We’ll love you forever baby girl.

Until we meet again…


I brought home a tiny stray kitten a few weeks ago.   She instantly stole our hearts, and even though we had previously had no intentions of getting another cat (we have 3 already) we decided to make her a loving home here with our animal-loving family.

Within a week, the horrible roller-coaster ride had begun, when my husband discovered her in the bathroom, barely breathing.   We rushed her to the vet, who managed to nurse her back to fair health over many days. After a HUGE amount of expense, they sent her home with many medications which we religiously administered multiple times daily.

She seemed to be getting better, beating the 10% odds of survival for kittens with Panleukopenia (distemper) .   She would sit with us and purr, cuddle up for warmth, and was beginning to become a much loved part of our family. Our children eagerly helped to care for her, and were excited at the prospect of her improving health, that would allow her to play with them.

On Thursday morning, I cam home to find her laying lifeless on our bedroom floor. Again, rushing her to the vet, and praying she would be okay, we were given the heart breaking news “the kindest thing you can do for her, is to euthanize her, as her chances of survival are so slim, and she will require much more intensive care and will not likely survive anyways…” It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make…

I brought her tiny body home, and we buried her by our memory pond.   I planted a beautiful Astilbe at her grave. I miss her so much already, and my heart feels empty and hurt.   My little Willow, taken way too soon.   She was not yet 10 weeks old.

I love you little friend, I will keep you forever in my heart, and until we meet again, may God hold you safe…