I just wanted to assure all of you that I am still very much alive!

I really appreciate the words of concern and  e-mails strangers and friends have sent wondering where I have been recently.  Cat Can Cook *is* a passion for me, but sadly, this is not a paying gig. Making recipes to share with you is an absolute joy however, I have been writing and making jewellery like crazy to help with bills and the necessities for my family. All in all, life has been pretty busy! We’ve had some sick pets and other crazy life things which have just been leaving me short on time….

Hopefully things will slow down soon so I can start posting on the main CCC site a little more often! The rest of the month of April is full of writing assignments, jewellery parties and of course taking care of my family.

Thanks so much to everyone for being here, and your continued support ♥ I will be back soon! In the meantime, buy a copy of my cookbook and get inspired! By the time you’re done reading and cooking your way through that, I promise I will have more time to share! 🙂