Yes, it’s true – we’re going hi-tech baby! With the help of my husband (thank you SO much Stuart) I am thrilled to announce that my book will soon be available for purchase electronically and I’m pretty excited about that!

I know for a lot of folks, having my book shipped to them internationally isn’t their first choice. Depending on location, shipping can add up, and it takes time. Since I have many world-wide readers this may well be the answer to getting my AMAZING and EASY recipes that you’ve been looking for. It might be good for you too if you can’t get enough of your techy toys!

The electronic version of “The Cat Can Cook Book” features the same 125 great recipes, fun food quotes and anecdotes. It’s a very useful little book, and now it’s completely portable too! The added bonus, is it’s only $9.99! That’s less than $10! You just can’t go wrong with that price, now can you? 🙂

Available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Blackberry and Android, my cook book will go wherever you go and dazzle you with it’s portability! Take it right into the kitchen with you and start making EASY and DELICIOUS recipes!

Check back soon for an update on the release date for this great eBook!