I just wanted to do a bit more “house-keeping” so to speak, where the book is concerned, and provide some ordering information for you. First, the book is going to retail for $15.95 CDN Dollars / $13.95 in US Dollars. I am not sure on the shipping as of yet however, I will keep it as low as I can, and charge you the minimum requirement to get the book safely into your hands, worldwide. I should have a better idea of shipping rates in the coming weeks.

Second, the book is approximately 115 pages, soft cover, with black and white photos, as well as a centre full colour section. It has family stories and anecdotes, famous food quotes, and great recipes! It’s going to be gorgeous (am I biased?) Anyhow, 125 recipes, all super easy, delicious and most are kid-approved too!

If you would like to order a copy, please send me an e-mail (I have started to compile all of the book orders into one file) and I will be able to fill orders by month’s end (Late October)in time for the festive season.

To order your copy, please e-mail cat@catcancook.com with the number of copies you would like to reserve and I will add your name to my database. I apologize if I don’t get back to each one of you personally, but it looks like the book is going to be a great success (HOORAY!!) and I have had so many requests thus far.I will contact you all once I have the books from the publishing house. I hope to have an automated Shopping Cart on my site once again.

I want to thank all of my readers for your on-going support and for the wonderful e-mails you send me. I read each and every one, and most times they are such a happy part of my day.

All the best to you all, enjoy your weekend, and cook something new and exciting! Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s as easy as *you* make it 😉