Ah yes…David Bowie, my all time favorite musician, summed it up nicely with his classic song.   Changes…for my blog that is!

Stuart is helping me do a re-design, and so far, it’s looking great! Being as impatient as I am (I’m a true Aries) I am hoping to have it up, say…now-ish, but realistically, it will probably be ready soon-ish instead. How’s that for exact!?!

Some things I hope to accomplish with my newly designed *me* space, are:

1. Just a prettier look and feel overall

2. Way more “stuff” aka: content

3. More pictures I have taken

4. More crafty ideas and projects and a seperate recipes section

It’s in the works…I’m so excited and can’t wait to reveal the new design…

“Changes are taking the pace I’m going through” – David Bowie