Lately, I’ve not really been cooking much at all! Between the nice weather, taking care of kids, freelance writing jobs and my jewellery business Elanne & Ivy, I’ve been busy! What else is new?

But despite my lack of recent culinary escapades, I am NEVER too busy to pick up a great cookbook! Recently, some local cookbook authors, chefs, and home economists teamed up to publish this amazing cookbook. I was asked to contribute a recipe for pumpkin muffins, and I am thrilled to be included in such a great project. I bought a copy of the book this weekend, and I already love it. It’s definitely my kind of cooking! Easy, healthy and kid-friendly – who doesn’t love that?

Child Care Cooks is a delightful book of easy-to-make recipes aimed at families, including fussy young eaters. As I went through it from cover to cover, the list got longer and longer of the recipes I want to try.  The recipes are all quite diverse, they sound absolutely delicious and they are all really simple, even if you’re not a well-seasoned cook.

I made the butter chicken on Saturday and it’s only the first of many that I intend to try over the coming months. My daughter loved it, as did my husband and I! It was so flavourful and easy to prepare.

If you are thinking of purchasing a great cookbook add this one to your list, especially if you have youngsters who might like to try some new flavours. Honestly, I can’t believe I got my four-year-old daughter to eat curry, but she gobbled it right up and asked for seconds.

The book retails for only $20 CDN and is available at local child care centres and through the Ontario Early Years Centre.