I’m not sure if “clueless” accurately describes my gardening capabilities these days, seeing as I have a bit of practice at it now, I seem to be getting the hang of it! However, a few years ago I could not have made such a claim.

People often ask me if I like to read, and my first instinct is to say “no” but when I think about it, I really do enjoy reading, just not fiction. My favorite bed-time “curl up” books usually consist of reference, how-to, or cookbooks. “Clueless in the Garden” by Yvonne Cunnington fits perfectly with my taste in bedtime literature.

This is a great little book that I was given as a gift a few years ago (before I knew *anything* about gardening) It’s simple, straight-forward advice and tips on gardening for the novice are must-haves for the first-time gardener…

It’s a quick read, with reference to all the things one needs to know to have a successful garden. It covers everything from plants, to mulch to garden planning and location, and is an enjoyable and informative read.