On The Farm On The Farm

On the weekend, we took Liam to the College Royal, a traditional open-house-style event where the University of Guelph opens it’s doors to the public and features tours of “Old MacDonald’s Farm.” Liam was very interested in all of the animals he saw, from pigs, to ducks, to sheep. There were even llama’s and alpacas. The most fascinating animals by far however, were the cows! We spent several minutes looking at the cows, listening to their familiar call, and in Liam’s mind I’m sure, pure wonder at their large size! Ever since our excursion, whenever Liam is prompted “what does the cow say?” he answers an enthusiastic “Moo!”

On our morning outing to Zehrs to pick up a few necessities, we approached the dairy section to pick up milk. I stopped our cart so that Liam could have a better look at the display cow. When Liam spotted the over-sized plastic bovine perched on top of the display counter, he shrieked “Moo, Moo, Moo!!!” so loudly, that I though it best we walk away from the scene so as not to attract anymore attention. Who knew a trip to the grocery store could be such an exciting experience for a youngster. I almost think he preferred the pretend cow to the real thing!

On The Farm