We had a fabulous day working outside in the garden today.   I feel like I accomplished more in one day than I usually do in an entire week!   Now, I am tired, but with a great sense of accomplishment!

We got our daughter’s “Big Girl Bed” painted, and moved into her room…now all it needs is a mattress !

We planted two beautiful trees in the spirit of Earth Week…they really have added a touch of charm and beauty to our back yard.   Hooray for Dad (he brought them to us)

I went with a friend to the home of a woman who sells perennials from her garden (and wouldn’t you know it, the proceeds actually go to support mission work through my church) so I was more than happy to pay her fair prices for some beautiful new plants for the garden.

We had a nice dinner today with my Mom, played with the bunny (oh ya, we got a bunny!) We adopted him a week ago from Kijiji…he is the sweetest and cutest bunny ever…hands down!   His former name “Killer” (um, ya?) has been changed to the much more appropriate and suitable name “Jack” He’s just the cutest little guy!

So, all in all a great weekend…simple, enjoyable, family time…done!

Back to recipes tomorrow…stay tuned!