Sales of “The Cat Can Cook Book” have been going very well! Daily, I receive orders and ship my book all over the world! It always excites me to send books to Europe and Australia, and of course I love all of my Canadian and American friends too 🙂

Faced with a re-print of the book this month, I decided to do some revisions to the original to make it even better. The new book features all of the same 125 great recipes, and fun food anecdotes and family stories, but it also has a brand new easy-to-use index section. Additionally, the beautiful colour photos have been re-formatted and look so nice!

The book is still getting rave reviews and it’s low price ($15.95) makes it very affordable for every budget.

To pre-order a copy of the *new* edition of “The Cat Can Cook Book” e-mail me at: cat@catcancook.com and I will reserve yours. Books are expected to arrive late March!