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My husband and I are not known to argue over candy, however, I would put up a good fight anyday over Jelly Babies, and I imagine I would be met with equal resistance from my counterpart!

I was first introduced to this delectable treat about 10 years ago. Prior to this, I had never even heard of them. Indeed, many people I know have not heard of them either…Jelly Babies are a Brisith thing! To describe them is difficult, because they are not like any other candy I have ever tasted, but I suppose that the closest thing to them would be some sort of fruit gummies, with a waxy coating. I really do not do them justice in my description! Jelly Babies are extremely difficult to find, and cannot be found in any regular shop, or candy store that I know of. Ever since Marks & Spencer left Canada years ago, there was only one store that I had known to carry them on occasion, until today that is!

Today was another beautiful day in Southern Ontario, and so we headed out of town as we did last weekend. This time we ventured to the village of St. Jacobs, a small town rich in Mennonite history and country charm. The Scottish shop, as always, was on the list of places we just *had* to stop. Our last name is “Robertson,” you figure it out!

Perusing the assortment of imported treats they had available, I noticed many varieties of Cadbury’s Chocolate, Bassett’s Licorice, even Barley Sugar. I moved down the table, looking at everything closely, then, I spotted them…there on the display hanging proudly in that familiar yellow package, were the candies of my heart’s desire. I snatched them up promptly, and headed to the sales clerk.

We managed to restrain ourselves from opening the first package until we arrived home. However, after only a few short minutes, it was mostly gone. My partner in crime and I decided to “share” both packages, although I think I may have had more than my share of the first one!

Perhaps he wouldn’t notice if I hid the other package discreetly under my pillow, and plead ignorance if asked as to their whereabouts? Do you think the crinkling might give it away…?