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Mag.pie: One who compulsively collects or hoards small shiny objects.

I’ve had this strange fascination with beads and shinies (as I like to call them) for many years now. Objects that glitter and sparkle in the sunlight are truly a joy to behold. After having my neighbour and her children in for coffee this morning, and discussing the joy creativity brings to my life, I wanted to make something this afternoon! I had the chance to delve into my bead basket, as Liam slept, and I created two very pretty bracelets. Looking at the two completed projects I made this afternoon fills me with such delight, and a great sense of accomplishment. I don’t mind being a “Magpie” at all!

Here is (a terrible!) picture of one of the charm bracelets I made today…the photo really does not do it justice, as it really is pretty! Simply charming Dahling!

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