…is of course “The Cat Can Cook Book”

Well, I think so anyway!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I’ve received on my book – and so far, I’ve gotten lots. I’m pleased to report that those who have bought it, and are already happily cooking away, all agree that the recipes are all easy and great tasting. That’s exactly what I set out to do when I wrote this book – keep it no-nonsense and basic. There you have it. Mission complete.

I realized this evening that the coming week marks the beginning of December. Christmas is now less than a month away. If you are wanting to purchase a copy(ies) of my book for gift-giving over the holidays, please do-so as soon as possible. As we all prepare for the festive season, I want to get as much of the shipping out of the way as soon as I can, so that everyone who wants to have copies of the book in-hand will have them by mid month. Then I can sit-back, relax and enjoy my family-time. Less stress, less fuss, and less worry. I’m also down to about my last 100 copies, so if you’d like one, click here to order before they disappear!

Thanks again to those of you who encouraged this project! I’m thrilled to be planning book number two already, and so glad to have so many supportive readers along for the ride!