Yesterday, I showed my jewelry for the very first time (besides on-line) It was great fun, and very successful! Despite the small crowd of people, I sold a lot of earrings, and a few of my bigger items too!   It sure feels good to have so many compliments on one’s work!   My earrings sure brought in a lot of interest.   So many of the beads I use are very unique, and I import them from all over the world, so I am able to offer a real variety of handmade jewelry.   Always, so much fun to make.   I wish I could make jewelry all day…seriously!

I am eager to do a few more shows in the upcoming weeks (one is confirmed for November 22nd, and I am waiting to hear back on another for November 29th)

I am also updating my on-line store, and will be re-posting it again very soon!   Please visit me again!   Thanks to all for your support while I start my own business!   It sure has been fun so far 🙂