Sleep? If only!
Actually, we had a not too bad night last night. Gwyneth is following in the footsteps of her big brother, and seems to have her days and nights confused. She has been waking up often for feedings at night, and I was only getting about two hours of sleep until last night, when she only woke every two hours, so I got a much better nights rest.
Day 5, and as the dust is starting to settle in our household, we are completely over the moon with our new daughter. Liam, who thinks she is wonderful, constantly needs to know where she is, and enjoys showing his affection for her. We have to be watchful however, as there seems to be a fine line between “kisses” and “head-butts.”
This week, Stuart goes back to work. I’m not sure which one of us is more sad. I will miss the help, but most of all I will miss the family time we have shared this past week.
Speaking with a health nurse two days after Gwyneth was born, she told me “when you have your second child, you leave home for the hospital as a couple with a baby, and return home as a family.”
What a wonderful feeling family is…