I went out for coffee with friends this evening, and while I did have a great time, I am now wishing that I had made a different choice of beverage.   Because I now have two children to care for, I am reminded why it is a bad idea to drink coffee in the evening (as it is, I will be up all night feeding my daughter) Here it is 10:02, and both of my children are fast asleep.   I should be doing the same thing, but instead I am wide awake with no signs that sleep is imminent.   Still, considering that it was my first coffee of the day, it was almost worth it…

It’s funny how the late nights of my youth (when 3 a.m. wasn’t an unusual bedtime) have been replaced with evenings when 10:00 is a really late bedtime.   Perspectives sure change when we become parents.   Nothing prepares you for that, yet, nothing in the world would ever make you want to return to your life before having children.

So, I guess the next time I do a coffee night out with the girls, I will try to remember that perhaps an herbal tea, or milk steamer would be a more sensible choice.   After all, I am a Mom now, and doesn’t Mom know best?!? 😀