Although most of us have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather of late, we all know deep down that this sort of unusual weather is a trend that we are seeing more and more of, and frankly, should be very concerned about.

I remember back in the nineties, there was a huge trend of “eco-friendly” everything. Role models such as David Suzuki told us that our planet was in big trouble, and many of us actually listened. As a rather rebellious teen-ager, I took it upon myself to do as many earth-friendly things as I could back then. I joined “Peaceful and Ecological Minds” our high school environmentalists group where I got informed and began taking action by educating others. I became a vegetarian, a lifestyle change that I maintained for many years. I became very aware of animal testing for consumer products, and boycotted as many of these products as I possibly could. I made homemade household cleaners, my own soap, and made sure all laundry in our home was hung to dry. I even researched what I could about water usage reduction, and I took short showers, never ever let faucets run unnecessarily, and installed a water-saver in our toilet! Wow – so much change for a young person.

I am embarassed to say however, that I have dropped almost all of these changes from my home as an adult. I don’t think it is anything more than the simple fact that I “forgot” to maintain them. Perhaps we all need a refersher course in the small changes we can make to make big differences globally?

When I logged onto Yahoo this morning, I noticed the “Yahoo Answers” forum, and decided to check it out (seeing as I had the time because my children and husband were all still asleep)

I wanted to share some of the advice given to the question “What do you think it will take to reverse the effects of global climate change?”

If you have a few minutes, click here for some good advice on this topic. I didn’t realise that some of the things we already do in this household could have such an important affect on our earth. I feel inspired to do more again. I know we can do it, and it isn’t really all that hard. It really comes down to reversing some of the bad habits we have slipped back into, and re-learning how to do things in an earth-friendly way.

Fellow blogger Katherine Seibert also has many useful tips and articles about Environmentally friendly alternatives and Globally sensitive issues on her blog at Edeva. Check it out! She recently informed me of a company called Norwex, who produce earth friendly alternative products. Let’s all try as hard as we can for some positive change! We owe it to ourselves and to our children to be respnsible Stewards of our planet.