As I mentioned before, we’re pretty sure that our new baby is going to be a girl. Stuart and I have a few names that we *mostly* agree on, but for the most part, we are lacking in any real inspiration when it comes to choosing the name of our future daughter.

I really do find the task of naming a child quite daunting indeed. I’m sure that all the Bertha’s, Betty-Joe’s and Mary-Lou’s of the world are none-to-pleased with the choice that their parents made for them (if this is your name by the way, I do apologise, and offer my deepest condolences!) So I do not want to end up naming our child something that she will not like. I am so happy that my parents chose the name Catherine for me. It is classic, elegant and beautiful (if I do say so myself!)

When Liam was born, we left the hospital the next day, with our little bundle in tow, yet, he remained nameless for days. A new baby doesn’t always look like anyone really. They have yet to show you their personality, and you know virtually nothing about them. In retro-spect, I am glad we chose the name Liam for our son, and despite it’s seemingly enormous popularity, I really do think it suits him.

This being said, if anyone has a great suggestion for a girl name (not you Dad, “Lewanda-Fay” does not count! And Keep them coming Kristi!) please pass them on…we can use alll the help we can get ๐Ÿ™‚