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31 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Birthday to…ME!

I turned 30 on Tuesday! I don’t know whether to celebrate, or cry. But they say that 40 is the new 20, so by my calculations, I guess that puts me somewhere around 10! We celebrated the big day quietly, with family. I haven’t been feeling much like partying, what with my current schedule of […]

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22 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments


On the weekend, we took Liam to the College Royal, a traditional open-house-style event where the University of Guelph opens it’s doors to the public and features tours of “Old MacDonald’s Farm.” Liam was very interested in all of the animals he saw, from pigs, to ducks, to sheep. There were even llama’s and alpacas. […]

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21 March 2006 ~ 1 Comment


I have been hearing a lot from friends and family who regularily read my blog that I have not been writing as often as they’d like! It is true that lately, I have been rather pre-occupied. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you why… Stuart, Liam and I are thrilled to announce that […]

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21 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Weather Vanes?

As we set off for a walk the other day, I heard a loud and familiar sound coming from above our heads. I looked up to see two Canada Geese perched high up on our rooftop, honking loudly to alert us to their presence. The pair sat there for quite some time. Perhaps they were […]

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12 March 2006 ~ 1 Comment

Spring Clean-Up

Finally, yesterday we had some beautiful spring-like weather. I am still eagerly awaiting a “Robin-sighting” but if it wasn’t spring yesterday, you could have fooled me! We got outside with Liam for a nice long walk, and when we got home, he enjoyed some playtime out in our backyard. Because he wasn’t really walking last […]

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09 March 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Robin in the Rain

Backing onto Conservation Land, it is not uncommon to see Deer, Opossums, Rabbits, Groundhogs, and varying species of songbirds from the upstairs windows of our house. Being an animal lover, I find this feature of our property just great! One day last fall, as my husband and I went for a walk along the parks […]

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04 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

“Bee Dogs”

A friend of mine in B.C. (you know who you are!) sent a link to this super cute website yesterday! Need I say more? Just have a look at it! …and while you’re at it

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02 March 2006 ~ 2 Comments

Who’s Afraid of the Pillsbury Dough Boy?

Children are scared of all sorts of things. I remember thinking there were mummies in my bedroom closet at the age of 10, and my Mom coming in to rid my room of these intruders, dressed as an Archaeologist, and singing something about “Mummy-Busters.” Perhaps monster spray also would have worked in that particular instance? […]

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