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29 March 2007 ~ 1 Comment

The Fearful Blogger

Sometimes you read something, and it really makes you think! Like today for example, when Stuart told me about Kathy Sierra’s blog, and how harassing comments and other “cyber bullying” have recently caused her to seek help from police in ending this abuse. Click here to see her site. Be warned however, as there is […]

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28 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Not So Great Birthday

Today is my 31st Birthday. I kind of wish today had never happened…or maybe, had happened differently. At least the day is almost over, and I can start fresh tomorrow. The day started very early for me, as I was up at 4 a.m. with insomnia, but I was happy enough to start the day […]

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28 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Outdoor Fun

I don’t know if this face means she likes the weather or not! Regardless, we all got lots of fresh air yesterday in the beautiful sunshine and warm temperature.  After a morning out with friends at Riverside Park, Gwyneth played in her saucer, Liam splashed some toys around in his wading pool, and Stuart cleaned […]

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25 March 2007 ~ 9 Comments

Broiled Scallops Recipe

Well…at least there is still cooking (as a hobby that is) I’ve been feeling the pressure lately to do nothing but pack for our move which takes place in 3 weeks! Ack! Well, frankly my dear, this is no fun at all! Actually, in a wierd sort of way it is fun, but I’d rather […]

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23 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

Spring Fever

“Spring Has Sprung, the grass is ris…I wonder where the birdies is!?!” I think my Mom used to recite this to me when I was little…even now, it still makes me smile! On the topic of spring, my husband and I have noticed a huge change in our son’s behaviour of late, and are wondering […]

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19 March 2007 ~ 1 Comment

7 Essential Items for the New Parent

Becoming a parent for the first time, we are inundated with a list of must haves from friends, family and even the media. I wanted to compile a list of things that were life savers for our family with both of our children. These items may or may not be the same hot items you […]

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18 March 2007 ~ 4 Comments

For That Special Geeky Someone

I hate to admit it, but I recently scored higher than my husband who is *ahem* a web-designer on an on-line “Am I A Geek” Test. Oh the shame, oh the humiliation, oh… who cares!!! Actually, if truth be told I think that my “ever so slightly” higher score was due largely in part to […]

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16 March 2007 ~ 4 Comments

101 Things About Me

I saw this idea on another blog recently, and I thought it was a great way for people to get to know more about me. Basically, I am just going to take the next hour, and write down 101 things about myself. Whether you read this for pure interest, nosiness, or out of sheer boredom, […]

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16 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

How To Make a Summer Purse

It may be cold outside, but I am dreaming of summer, and sewing up a storm inside! I made this saucy little bag the other day, and it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself!) Now, if only we could get rid of this snow, I might actually be able to use […]

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09 March 2007 ~ 8 Comments

How to Make an Easy Tote Bag

Cat Can Sew…so…Yesterday, I made this cute diaper bag (every bag these days is some form of diaper bag!) I am by no means a “sewer” and had purchased a couple of easy patterns to try. However, when neither my husband nor myself could figure out from the instructions exactly what it was we needed, […]

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