As I write this post, I am baking my first ever loaf of bread in a bread-maker! It smells great in here!

My parents and In-laws have both had one of these small appliances
for years, and used it regularly, but I have just recently gotten around to buying one, and today, she sets sail on her maiden voyage.

The process itself of making bread in the break-maker was so easy! My two-year-old happily assisted me in pouring ingredients into the “mixer thingie” and after that process was finished 2 minutes later, I hit to *GO* button. It mixes, lets the dough rise, and bakes it all by itself. What a clever machine!

I must admit that the smell of fresh baking bread in the mornings might be counter-productive to my weight-loss and new healthy lifestyle, as I have recently joined a gym, am watching my weight, and bread and I are good friends! I am planning to get into baking the health breads in the near future, but for today, it’s just plain old white. Shhh! Don’t tell!

The variety of things you can do with a bread-maker is also very impressive. Not only can you make bread, but buns, pizza dough, muffins, foccacia, cakes and even pretzels and a whole range of other foods are so easy to make! It really is impressive that this machine can do so much – and here I was considering hiring a personal chef!

In case you are interested, bread-makers come in a wide variety of styles, and function capabilities, but from what I’ve seen, all are alike in that they are so easy to use. The recipe capabilities are seemingly endless. I am eagerly eyeing the Lemon Poppy-Seed Loaf recipe in my users manual. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

——-Moments Later——–

Just finished a beautiful Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on fresh bread! Mmmm!! Well worth the wait!

Zojirushi 2-lb. Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine