Well, I finally took the plunge and re-joined Weight Watchers! I am a firm believer in this successful program, and have lost a lot of weight following it in the past. I decided a few weeks ago to kick my own ass back into gear, to lose the remainder of my baby weight (well, actually I am already back to my pre-pregnancy size, but want to do a bit better and get closer to my highschool weight!) Anyhow, part of the program is just eating sensibly, so I will devote a lot of my attention in future recipe posts to healthy eating…like this easy and delicious recipe for simple chicken and veggie shish-kabobs! They are extremely low in points/calories/fat, the whole deal! Not to mention so simple! Healthy summer eating at it’s best! Serve with fresh salad greens! Yum!

Chicken Shish-Kabobs

2 – 3 Chicken Breasts cut into bite size pieces

Your favorite vegetables (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions)

2 TBSP Light Italian Salad Dressing

*You can also throw on some fresh pineapple or other grillable fruit*

Alternate chicken pieces and veggies on skewers, brush with dressing and grill on low heat barbeque (top rack works well) for about 10-12 minutes. Easy, healthy, good!