Preoccupied. That is the word of the week in the Robertson household. In just two days, our house deal will fall apart, and we are all so sad. The home we have been dreaming about, picturing ourselves living every day in and our children playing in the backyard of, is about to fall through.

Our current house was inspected two days ago by the people who we thought would be it’s new owners. First time house buyers and perhaps slightly unusual people at best, a list of small things noted by the house inspector (such as missing light switch covers in the basement rough-in, a few mis-matched tiles in our bath tub, and a few other *very minor* problems ) scared them away and they backed out of the deal. We have until Friday evening before the deal on our new house falls through based on timing.

I have been praying this week more than I have ever prayed in my life. I have been asking God to help us feel at peace, and bring about the best possible outcome. I am trying to feel calm at a time of year in which I struggle during the best of times, and I am finding it so much harder while nothing seems to be going right.

While I do have faith that what is meant to be, will be, it still brings me so much sadness to think about what we stand to lose. Only time will tell I suppose. If we lose our house, surely there will be another, maybe even a better one, although right now, that is hard for me to believe. I know I will still sadly pass by “our house” for some time wondering why things turned out the way they did.   Surely, there is a plan for us, even if we don’t know what that is just now.