Because I love to cook so much, and have gotten better and better at cooking over the years, I really *expect* that when I go out to eat, that the food is good – no, not passable, not so-so, not okay, but GOOD! I always say, that if the food I go out to eat isn’t better than what I can make at home, there’s not point in going out at all!

I’ve eaten in many restaurants in many cities over the years, and one of my favorite local places that never seems to disappoint, is Eggcetera. The food is always fresh, fast, and delicious. The servers are friendly and attentive, and although it’s by no means a high-end place, the food is beautifully prepared and presented.

I was excited to go to Eggcetera for breakfast this morning. I’ve had a craving for crepes for quite some time, and as always, the experience was very pleasant.The crepe was hot and perfectly done – the fruit inside was fresh and sweet, and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast. My two fussy little eaters were also quite pleased with their meals, as was my husband. What a great start to our Sunday!