A new Facebook group promises to change people’s lives. It will promote sharing, caring and giving to fellow community members. These values are ones I believe very strongly in, and I recently felt a nudge to start a local group which would promote all of these values, and run it with compassion and love 🙂 On April 25, 2008, GuelphSwapShop – Free Stuff Network was born! The new Facebook group, which I initiated only on Friday already has 140 members, and is growing on a daily basis. It’s very exciting to watch 🙂

This local group is dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling good household items! In the spirit of community-based giving, the goal of Guelph Swap Shop is to allow local people to request and offer good household items from clothing, to plants, to appliances, to services and everything in between, without the exchange of cash. The only stipulation is that all items offered must be free of charge! Swapping and bartering items is encouraged…after all, the next best thing to giving, is getting something in return!

If you’d like more information on this exciting new group, and would like to join (you don’t even need to live in Guelph to see what we’re all about) visit the Guelph Swap Shop Facebook Group, and join us! We’d love to have you with us!