I hate to admit it, but I recently scored higher than my husband who is *ahem* a web-designer on an on-line “Am I A Geek” Test. Oh the shame, oh the humiliation, oh… who cares!!! Actually, if truth be told I think that my “ever so slightly” higher score was due largely in part to the fact that I was both in band and choir during high-school, thus causing an artificially higher test score. We all know that band and choir are sophisticated art forms, and that all those who lack musical talent only wish they were so lucky to have been born with this special gift. Oh, who am I kidding? I am a geek too…there, I said it! However, I would like to point out that I wear glasses, which statistically, doesn’t help me any on the geek-scale. Since doing the test, Stuart now has a prescription for reading glasses too…why don’t you take the test again, then we’ll see! Ha!

Stuart has recently added a store to his web-site where you can buy a great shirt, hat or mug for the special Geek or Web-enthusiast in your life (if you have one!) A great gift idea for Birthday, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Barmitzvah…tee-hee! There is even a baby bib for the Geek-to-be! Great idea!

Stuart is hoping to sell some of his original designs as well. He is a fantastic illustrator, and has done some nifty work in the past, and will be adding some of his own work into the mix in the near future.

Check his site again soon for more exciting new merchandise!

Speaking of stores, I am hoping to have enough of my own creations ready in the weeks to come to post a new “Store” link on my own site! How exciting! Beads, beads and more beads sums it up quite well I think! I’ve been working away happily on my beading hobby (whenever I get a spare moment and am not packing boxes for our move) Stay tuned…