Gingham Bag

Cat Can Sew…so…Yesterday, I made this cute diaper bag (every bag these days is some form of diaper bag!) I am by no means a “sewer” and had purchased a couple of easy patterns to try. However, when neither my husband nor myself could figure out from the instructions exactly what it was we needed, let alone decipher the pattern itself, I opted to wing it! It was so easy too!

Here’s how I did it: I cut two pieces of fabric, one denim and one gingham about 18 inches by about 40 inches and put them together, right sides of fabric facing in. Next I machine stitched them down the outside long edges, turned right side out, and pressed. Then, I turned them lining side out, and folded the rectangle in half to form the bag, pinned it, and sewed up the outside edges again, gingham (lining) side out. Once that was done, I turned the bag right side out, turned down the hem, pressed, and turned it down again, and pressed. To give it a finished appearance, I then machine stitched the gingham border in a swervy line to hold it in place. I added a small square of fabric, and pinned a daisy to the border to dress it up a bit! I haven’t sewn the handle on as yet (I cheated when I took this picture and just set it where I am going to stitch it later today. The handle itself is a long strip of fabric which I cut, sewed along the edge on the wrong side of the fabric, then turned right side out again. I turned the ends in, and pressed those too (more pressing than I’ve done in a while lemme tell ya!)

Voila! A cute little bag you can put your childrens’ diapers in, but not look silly whilst carrying around a Winnie the Pooh motif if say, suddenly, you are called to an important dinner party or night on the town, and can’t unload your kids’ stuff at home before the event, and…um…

Let’s just say it’s kinda cute, shall we!?! 😀