Talking Liam

Various discussions of a rather embarassing nature have recently take place at my house. We are in the midst of potty training, and this has brought about much interest in the wonders of the human body, or at least, the grosser things about it! Tonight for example, I had to enlighten Liam as to all of the different types of animals that pee and poop, and where they do this. I was asked a lot about fish, and if they poop in the water, and if crocodiles do this as well. These are the discussions I somehow never invisioned myself having, yet they seem perfectly normal at this stage of my life.

Last week’s antics and conversations were even more amusing when we had to discuss all the people we know and whether or not they have a penis. It took a long while of explaining before Liam grasped the concept that ladies do not have penis’s. I am still not sure he completely understands all of that…

Funny? Yes, and slightly embarassing perhaps. I’m just glad these discussions took place at home, and not while waiting at the Doctor’s office or better yet, at the train table in Chapters!