Christmas passed through our home like a happy whirlwind this year! Liam found the whole experience exciting, but maybe a bit overwhelming. As promised, Santa visited our home leaving us feeling very fortunate to have all that we have been given in this life.


We visited with my family up north, got to see both of my Grandmothers, and even one of my cousins who I haven’t seen since Liam was an infant!

Gram and Gwyn

On the last day of 2006, I cannot help but reflect on the year that has just passed. There were many ups and downs in our family. We began 2006 by learning the wonderful news that we would be new parents again in the fall! Then, Dad was in the London hospital for most of the summer with persistent infections and knee problems, coupled with serious heart problems. Stuart lost both his Nana to cancer, and his friend Tom who passed away suddenly this summer. Then this fall we were blessed when our beautiful and healthy daughter Gwyneth was born in October, after having threatened to come early for many months. As always, Liam was the sunshine in every day that passed, filling our home with so much love and joy, and distracting us in the times we felt sadness.

Gwyn and Mom

It is so hard to predict what a new year will bring, yet, the very thought of a new beginning always brings with it the hope of wonderful things to come.

I wish all those I hold close, both family and friends, many things but mostly I wish that you may find happiness, health and love in everything you do in 2007, and peace and joy to all.

Mommy and kids