Being a creature of curiosity, and in honesty, having far too much time on my hands before becoming a Mother, I decided to have some fun shortly after getting married, and type my new name “Catherine Robertson” into some search engines to see if there were others who share the same name as me.

I suppose I expected to find a few other Catherine Robertson’s somewhere in this great big world, being that Catherine is a pretty old and popular name, and Robertson, also rich in historical significance seemed to be quite common indeed. In fact, I had even heard of another local Catherine Robertson, when I called to arrange some last minute details with our wedding photographer, and completely confused him when he thought I was the other Catherine Robertson, who’s wedding he was photographing shortly after our own! I wondered who these other women would be. Where they would live, what they did, and what they were like…I was so excited to find out about them.

What I found however, when I typed my own name into Google, was nothing like I had expected. Indeed, distinguished “Catherine Robertson” a name full of style, and unassuming grace, is the website of a maker/manufacturer of Transexual Undergarments!!! I truly was not expecting that!

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that I am not in the undergarment business, although I did once work in a lingerie store on Yonge Street, which was at times frequented by women who had a little too much five o’clock shadow to be overly convincing (but that is another story entirely!)

So, “What’s in a Name” I ask you? Well, apparently, quite a lot more than meets the eye!