I’ve come out of hibernation to write a blog post (it’s only been six months after-all) 😉 I find most of my time is juggled between my busy kids, running a household and my other business Elanne & Ivy Jewellery, but I must say I certainly miss blogging. Over the next few weeks, I’ve given myself a challenge! I will make and taste-test a bunch of PC Products and report back in on them. Sound good? Ok! Let’s go!

Today I had the pleasure of accepting a beautiful box of delights from President’s Choice delivered right to my front door. When I saw the Purolator truck pull up, I was secretly hoping it was a box full of PC goodies, and I was not disappointed.  I do love to bake and so this particular collection has me quite excited indeed! This week, I will endeavour to put down the pliers and take a break from www.elanneivy.com  and focus on making some baked goodies.

Included in the parcel were three of my all-time favourites:  The PC Sugar Cookie Mix, Shortbread Mix and Gingerbread Mix. I’ve made all three on numerous occasions, they are quick, easy, delicious and home made in a fraction of the time of from scratch recipes.

The PC Nanimo Bar mix is very intriguing! I cannot wait to try these. Nanimo Bars are a favourite of mine on the Christmas cookie trays, but I don’t like all the work that goes into making them from scratch, so this mix will be perfect for me to try.

And of course, I had to delve into this box of Candy Cane Cookies! Yum! …Half of the box is NOT gone….oops. I think these are a great little festive cookie, and if like me, you’re crazy about chocolate and mint, then it’s win-win.





Speaking of winners, these beauties are also a must-try for the lover of salty and sweet treats. It was hard to eat just one, so I ate two!



I love President’s Choice products because of their quality, simplicity and availability. Even my local No Frills store stocks most of my favourites so they’re easy to get and make in a hurry.

These holiday products will be delightful to try. As I do, I’ll blog about each one. How I liked the process of making it, and how it looked and tasted.

Look for those blog posts in the coming weeks, leading up to Christmas!