Emailing: Disco Stu shaking his groove thang.jpg

They say timing is everything, and indeed, “they” are right! This morning, I was up extra early, as I knew my son and I had activities to attend, and I wanted to get a shower before my husband left for work. Being careful not to wake our sleeping son, I headed for the bathroom, and switched on the radio.

As I listened for the local forecast, the announcer mentioned an upcoming contest to win tickets to a BeeGees Tribute concert at the local River Run Centre for the Performing Arts. Although it is a fun genre of music, I am not a *huge* disco fan, however the prize package also included a Gift Certificate for a local arts-crafts-fabric shop, which really got my attention! When they played the music clip, I was instantly able to identify the song, so I turned off the running water, grabbed my towel, and dashed for the phone, trying to remember the number of the radio station.

I dialed the number, and the phone started ringing. I was told I was the first caller to get through, and to hang on the line…when moments later I correctly identified the song, I was told that I could come in anytime to pick up my prize! How exciting!

So, it looks like February 11th, we’ll be donning our dancing shoes and “Stayin Alive.” That is of course, assuming we can find a sitter 🙂 I’m not sure that Stuart’s really the disco type either, but it does bring to mind our first real date in University, when I was offered a ticket to accompany him to the ABBA cover band Bjorn Again! I guess he was willing to “Take a Chance on Me!” 😀