Very Pregnant!

It’s hard to believe that this was me at this time last year!   On this trip to Strom’s Pumpkin Patch, we had not yet met our beautiful daughter, Gwyneth, nor did we know of the joy which she would soon be bringing to our family.   This has been a year of change, growth, and even loss, but the absolute highlight of it was the birth of our little beauty.

On Wednesday, she will celebrate her first Birthday, surrounded by those who love her.   My husband said that he was speaking with a co-worker today about how parenthood is simultaneously so full of proud moments, yet also a little melancholy.   True, it does sadden me that as she grows up, my cuddly little baby is becoming more and more like a toddler every day, and in time, will surely amaze me with wisdom beyond her years.

On October 17th, we will celebrate her independence and stubborn nature.   Two traits that I am sure she comes by honestly.   We will celebrate the wonderful little girl who now that we are getting to know her, we simply cannot imagine our lives without.

This Wednesday, we will light one tiny candle on a decorated cake, and sing the familiar words to “Happy Birthday” with an immense feeling of joy and pride…and perhaps a tear or two.