I haven’t posted here too much in the past couple of years, mainly because I’ve really been focussing on my other business, Elanne & Ivy. I’ve also been facing some health issues…but, as the issues are resolving and I am feeling better again, I have realized how much I’ve missed my blog, and all of you! So, I resolve to post more frequently starting in September when routines are re-established. Sharing healthy, easy and vegetarian recipes with you is always a pleasure.

So much has happened in our lives in the past few years, and one of the most “eggciting” things for our family, was getting our own backyard chickens  in 2012.

 butter          DSC_0002

We now have 6 lovely ladies Samantha, Ruby, Pearl, Eggo, Buttercup and Nina. Our girls are pets, and live happily free-roaming in our urban backyard. It’s very lucky that where we live in Guelph, chickens are permitted right in the city. Most communities forbid it yet, it’s such a wonderful thing for children and adults alike, to be so in touch with where our food actually comes from. When you consider that most egg laying hens are caged in tiny quarters, and live their lives never feeling the warmth of the  sun, able to stretch their wings, or take a dust-bath well, it makes it pretty easy for me to keep my girls  right here at home. In addition to the ethics of eggs, are the nutritional benefits. Because of the way they are raised (as nature intended) back yard hens’ eggs are far lower in cholesterol. And the flavour? Well, if you’ve never had a farm-fresh egg, you’re missing out 😉

There is something so satisfying about going out to the coop, and collecting your own eggs.  Maybe some egg recipes would be a good idea in the coming weeks. What’s YOUR favourite egg dish? Mine has to be frittata or quiche.