Starbucks – ah yes! A favorite place to go for a special hot beverage. But, did you ever notice how when you go in there for a cuppa, you end up spending $5 or $6? Well, don’t worry – I’m here to help!

While my husband has been off on Christmas holidays these past few weeks, he’s been functioning as my “personal bartender” and it’s been great! I can’t remember ever being served such lovely drinks, Bahama Mama, Tom Collins (my all time favorite) and various other delights. Yesterday, he made me a beautiful Chai Latte (you must understand that this man never makes anything food related, so this has all been very exciting for me.

The recipe is simple, yummy and not nearly as expensive as a trip to Starbucks – so, you can save your money for a holiday somewhere warm (fingers crossed!) 😉

Chai Latte

1 Chai tea bag (we’ve been using Chocolate Chai)
2 cups water
1/2 milk (and milk frother – or hand blender)
1 tsp chocolate powder (or sweetened cocoa)

Boil the water and steep tea as usual. Froth the milk in your frother, or with a hand blender. Pour tea into 2 cups, top with foamy milk and sprinkle with chocolate powder. If you like a sweeter latte, you can add a little sugar to your tea before adding the milk.