Truffles? Aren’t they supposed to be really fiddly and complex? Well, the mere thought of making truffles would have had me in a panic, until I found an amazingly simple recipe. It was so quick, so easy, and so good, that I really couldn’t believe it! In the original recipe, there is no call for flavouring, but I feel this is integral to the way they turn out. In this case, I used my favorite, raspberry flavour, but any fruit essence would work nicely.

Easy Raspberry Truffles Recipe

1 package cream cheese
20 ounces quality chocolate chips, divided
raspberry flavouring (to taste)
decorations for truffle tops such as sprinkles, chopped nuts or icing flowers..etc.

With a hand blender, make cream cheese soft. Meanwhile, melt 8 ounces of the chocolate chips in the microwave, being very careful not to burn them. Stir often while melting! Next, pour melted chocolate into cream cheese, and blend well with hand blender. Add between 4 and 6 drops of raspberry essence and blend well into mixture. Set in fridge for about 30 minutes until it is firm. Remove from fridge and roll into small balls, and set on silicone baking tray.

On stove top, melt the remaining chocolate chips over a double-broiler. Once chocolate is liquefied, carefully dip balls into melted chocolate to coat, and set on silicone sheets again. Refrigerate for about an hour, then they’re ready to serve!