I think it is high time I had this baby already! Not only do I want so much to meet her, but I am so tired of lugging my enormous self around (well, ok, I’m actually not that big) Anyhow, I have compiled a list of “Reasons You Know it is Time to Have Your Baby…”

You desperately miss your pre-pregnancy clothes, and find yourself hanging out in your closet just to be near them.

Bending over to pick up your toddlers toys is a near impossibility, and you find it easier to crawl around on all fours, picking up the mess (or better yet, just leave it there and hope you don’t trip!)

Tums are suddenly your best friend.

You haven’t seen your feet in many months, and can’t remember the last time you painted your toe nails.

Getting up any less than 8 times a night to pee seems like a restful sleep.

You have no problem explaining all of your bodily aches and pains, no matter how embarassing, to perfect strangers.

Getting close enough to the sink to do the dishes is a major challenge.

You have a tendency to um…forget…um…oh, nevermind!

Your underwear are so huge that they could be mistaken for a sail.


You know it’s time to have your baby, when you can no longer fit your computer on your lap while posting from your bed!