Say what? I must admit, whenever I see a recipe that I make a lot, I am skeptical as to whether someone else’s version of the recipe will be as good as mine, especially when it’s made vegan. I’ve been cooking my whole life, and quite frankly, yes I am pretty good at it.

The other day, I was intrigued by a recipe I saw for “Vegan Mac & Cheese” on Facebook. The recipe looked simple and delicious, but I thought to myself “hmm, but vegan? I mean, that cannot be as good as MY Mac & Cheese” Well, I am pleased to report that I made this recipe yesterday, and it was absolutely delicious. It has no odd ingredients in it, in fact, aside from the nutritional yeast, I had everything in the house already to make it. I have been trying to cut down on the amount of milk and cheese I eat. Despite being a vegetarian for over half my life (off and on) I do think of veganism as a potential goal for myself one day.  Not only is dairy high in cholesterol, but I am wary of some practices in the dairy industry. But, that’s another story for another day…

So, I made this Mac & Cheese. It was creamy, flavourful and frankly just delish! Even my fussy kids ate it (though admittedly they still prefer the milk & cheese version) but I say slow and steady wins the race, and we’re on the right track.

Maybe as some people do “Meatless Monday,” since everyday in our house is “meatless” we’ll go with Vegan-Vednesday 😉


Thanks veganyumminess.com – I’ll be back to try more of your recipes soon!

P.s. Here is MY photo of the dish. I know, it doesn’t look quite as nice as my usual food photos, but I had a kid to get to Ballet Class, so we were short on time 😉