I have always loved to do product reviews as part of my food-writing career. Who doesn’t love getting courier and mail parcels, especially when there’s food in them? I’ve reviewed products for companies such as President’s Choice, Zevia Soda, The Dairy Farmers of Canada to name just a few. So when I was recently asked to review a product by Earth Fresh called “Celebratoes”  I couldn’t turn the opportunity down! I’ve been a long-time admirer of the humble potato and eat them as part of regular meals on a weekly basis.

What I loved the most about these potatoes was pure and simple : convenience. They come in one container, that you simply pop into the microwave, cook, add butter and package mix provided and voila! They were delicious, fresh and easy peasy! A wonderful side dish accompaniment to any meal.

My favourite were the Cheese and Rosemary, though all three were quite tasty. I’m not a lover of spicy foods, so the Jalepeno & Cheddar  might only be  a so-so for me, but they had a lovely flavour all the same.


As a busy Mom and business-owner, this product is very appealing. It takes 7 minutes from cupboard to table, and with our families’ schedule around weeknight dinner-hour, this product is a must-try.

Would I actually purchase Celebratoes? I’m not sure what they cost, however, if they are a reasonable price-point, I’m sure I would from a pure convenience stand-point. I’ll try to find out from the company what they retail for so that I can let you know, so look for that in future comments on this post.

Look for Celebratoes in your local grocer and give them a try!