Wow, what a busy couple of days! I may in fact *be* Super Woman! Today (with both kids in tow) I single-handedly indexed The Cat Can Cook Book! Up until very recently, I honestly didn’t see an index as a necessity for my particular cook book, but in speaking with others in the cook book biz, I’ve come to realize the error of my ways. So, that was today’s labourious project, and I am pleased to report, that aside from a final spell-check and edit, that it is in fact done! Hooray! …And not a moment too soon either! We’re going to be doing a second printing in February! The next print run will have a concise index, for all those who like to look things up as opposed to cooking by the seat of your pants!

So, although my kids told me how “boring” I was being today, the events of the past few days have been anything but! Yesterday, I received the news that I was to be booked for a live cooking demonstration on Toronto’s Breakfast Television! I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to cook on camera!

I’m also doing more product testing for President’s Choice, the new healthier product line samples will arrive next week – Yahoo!

I am hoping to be doing more cooking demos and classes in the upcoming months as well. I have lots of ideas and projects up my sleeves, so stay tuned for that news. Exciting things are unfolding, and I feel a renewed sense of achievement with each passing day. It’s wonderful, and I feel so happy.

So, yes, busy is an understatement. I’ve barely had time to do anything but focus on all things food recently, but it’s been a rush of activity. Oh, except for tonight’s meal – did I mention I had cereal for dinner? 😛