I realised tonight that it has been ages since I last wrote anything even remotely to do with my pregnancy. It’s funny how during your first pregnancy, you are able to focus so much more on the baby, your changing body, and your relationship with your partner. The second time around, there are literally days that I forget I am pregnant. That is until I feel little kicks, or have a hard time rolling my giant self off the bed to pee in the middle of the night!

At just about the six-months, things sure are starting to “happen.” I am getting quite a bit bigger, and a little less comfortable than I had previously been with the pregnancy nausea well behind me, and the second trimester “glow” starting to diminish. I am starting to find the everyday tasks such as bending down to pick up Liam’s toys not quite as easy as they once were. I even find getting close to the sink to do the dishes is starting to become harder.

Sleep has also taken a bit of a downward slide. Not only am I sharing my body with a somewhat active little person on the inside, but also my bed with my husband and toddler. Needless to say, some nights, sleep doesn’t come all that easily.

So, while I rant about the “joys’ of pregnancy, I guess I should stop and think about those who have difficulty, or even impossibility of becoming pregnant. I am certain that many people would happily trade places with me, knowing that the end result is such a wonderful gift. The symptoms that I am currently experiencing are nothing more than temporary annoyances that will be forgotten the instant that I see the face of the beautiful new life we have created. Such an exciting prospect. I really don’t know how I will wait until then…